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About us


Organization RO-DE was born in January 10 (2005). The name means cooperation: parents with kids and parents with teachers (RO-DE). Also, organization helps kids with special needs and their guardians and educates others to know better and to accept people with special needs. This is the first Non-Government place for kids after their elementary special school. The founder and the president is Dobrila Spirovski, the mother of two daughters Marija and Jelena Spirovski. Dobrila decided to create organization for her older daughter Marija (she is the kid with special needs) because in that time there were no place for kids with finished some elementary special school. For socialisation is very important that kids coutinious to spend time with their friends.That gives so much needed space for the rest of their family

Our activities are:

Music, painting, learning classes, serbian language, mathematics, nature, english etc …

School of life:
Visiting spa and mountains without parents for seven days

After – school activities:
Cinema, forest, river, theater, etc …

Who is helping RO-DE?

Government (for the place for daily activities and electricity bills)
Union of Republic of Serbia – MNRO (covers some part of activities).
Donors (always we need to find them).
Parents participate if and when they are able to, and many kids come but they can not pay and we need to find money for them.

We need this for normal functioning?

1. Food
2. Material for school
3. Personal hygiene and home cleaning products
4. Resources for kids whose parents are not able to participate
5. For the bank account and the accountant
6. For web, internet/tv
7. Salaries
8. Etc..

Please write or call:

• Mail:
• FB:
• Viber/WhatsApp(massage me first, anytime): +38163/8883321
• The school is placed here: Stevana Dukica 15 Street, Karaburma, Belgrade, Serbia
• The school is opened: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm (+-)